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17 WSM Ammo For Sale And Ready To Ship

Are you looking to buy the 17 WSM ammo for your riffle, Barrel Ammo shop carries a large variety of 17 winchester magnum also known as 17 WSM, is one of the most release rimfire rounds on the market. The 17 WSM round is available in our shop as we get our stock from popular manufacturing companies including Winchester, Federal, and hornady

History of the .17 WSM

While being a new round to the ammunition market it still has made a splash and a number of gun manufacturers have signed on to make guns for the 17 WSM, Winchester in colaboration with savage Arms, Brought to existence The .17 Winchester Super Magnum  in 2012  available with 20-grain polymer-tipped projectiles rated at 3,000 FPS at the muzzle.j

Purpose of the Buy WSM 17 Ammo Online

Several options from Winchester are available, including Varmint HV .17 wsm ammo with a 20-grain polymer-tipped projectile rated at 3,000 FPS, Varmint HE 17 Winchester Super Magnum with a 25-grain polymer-tipped projectile rated at 2,600 fps, and Varmint-X 17 Winchester Super Magnum which is available with a lead-free 15-grain polymer tipped projectile, rated at 3,300 FPS. The purpose of the WSM 17 Ammo round is somewhat disputed but one thing that isn’t disputed is the fact the round is the fastest rimfire round in the world.

.17 WSM Ammo Performance

This cartridge should really be called the 17 Winchester Performance Magnum because that’s exactly what it delivers.

Let us dive into what makes this cartilage so special.

The two most common calibers this round is compared to are the 17 HMR and the 22 Hornet.

The velocity of the WSM is what sets it apart from the 17 HMR and the 22 Hornet

Cartridge Muzzle Velocity 50 Yards 100 Yards 250 Yards
17 HMR 2,550 2,197 ft/s 1,885 ft/s 1,175 ft/s
22 Hornet 2,690 2,337 ft/s 2,026 ft/s 1,278 ft/s
17 WSM 3,000 2,729 ft/s 2,487 ft/s 1,838 ft/s
150-Yard Zero

The next metric that you’d look at is the energy on target that the 22 WSM delivers.

Cartridge Muzzle Energy 50 Yards 100 Yards 250 Yards
17 HMR 245 ft/lbs 182 ft/lbs 134 ft/lbs 52 ft/lbs
22 Hornet 723 ft/lbs 546 ft/lbs 410 ft/lbs 163 ft/lbs
.17 WSM 400 ft/lbs 331 ft/lbs 275 ft/lbs 150 ft/lbs

17 WSM Specifications

Parent case .27 caliber nail gun blank
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .172 in (4.4 mm)
Neck diameter .197 in (5.0 mm)
Shoulder diameter .269 in (6.8 mm)
Base diameter .269 in (6.8 mm)
Rim diameter .333 in (8.5 mm)
Rim thickness .066 in (1.7 mm)
Case length 1.200 in (30.5 mm)
Overall length 1.440 in (36.58 mm) to 1.590 in (40.39 mm)
Primer type Rimfire
Maximum pressure 33,000 psi (230 MPa)