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50 BEOWULF AMMO For Sale In Stock And Ready To Ship

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The 50 Beowulf Ammo was released in 2001 and was created by Bill Alexander of Alexandar Arms. The round was originally desired to have great power at short to medium range and was touted to be a great round for checkpoints and gate security. The bullet’s heavyweight and substantial powder loud would better penetrate vehicle glass and body panels. After deciding to build or buy a gun in this caliber, the next logical step is understanding how to select the right .50 Beowulf ammo for your needs. There are several kinds available, and they all cater to different purposes

Alexander Arms and Delta Firearms oversees all aspects of the production of the system and related accessories. Their reluctance to divulge information has been a source of irritation to some writers.


  1. Case type; Rebated rim, straight
  2. Parent case; .50action Express
  3. Neck diameter; 13.3 mm
  4. Bullet diameter; 12.7 mm
  5. Base diameter; 13.74 mm
  6. Rim diameter; 11.3 mm
  7. Rim thickness; 1.04 mm
  8. Case length; 42 mm
  9. Primer type; large pistol magnum

50 Beowulf Ammo DETAILES

Cartridge                                  50 Beowulf

Quantity                                   500 rounds

Grain weight                             200 Grains

Bullet Style                               Fluted

Muzzle Velocity                       2500 Feet per Second

Bullet Brand                             Inceptor ARX

Case Type                               Brass

Lead Free                                 Yes

Primer                                     Boxer

Corrosive                                No

Velocity Rating                       Supersonic

Reloadable                             Yes


  1. For every grain mass of the 50 Beowulf Ammunition, there is a velocity and kinetic energy.
  2. For the 300gr bullet, it covers 570 m/s with energy of 2,330 ft-lbf;
  3. 325 gr covers 550 m/s with energy of 2338 ft-lbf;
  4. 355 gr covers 540 m/s with energy of 2333 ft-lbf;
  5. 400 gr covers 550 m/s with energy of 2878 ft-lbf;