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450 Bushmaster for sale In Stock and Ready to ship

The 450 Bushmaster Ammo for sale is a Rifle Cartridge by category, Developed by Tim Legrand. This Ammunition is designed for use in the standard M16 and AR-15 platforms. Finding 450 Bushmaster Ammo is relatively easy, even though it’s not a mainstream round.

LeGendre approved the change from 1.771″ to the now-standard 1.700″. Hence, LeGendre agreed to change the name 45 Professional cartridge to 450 bushmaster Ammunition.

The 450 Bushmaster ammunition is the perfect cartridge for hunting bears if you have a reliable rifle that can handle the recoil and strength of the gun. This cartridge will quickly shoot accurately to 250 yards depending on the firearms and conditions. After 250, the round will drop dramatically.

Best 450 Bushmaster

Remington Premier: Remington is a top manufacturing brand providing the 450 Bushmaster 260gr AccuTip 20/Box is optimized for match-grade accuracy and delivers consistent terminal performance on varmint-sized games. 

Its core bullet has more accurate flight, flatter trajectory, and devastating terminal energy. 

Winchester Deer Season XP: Winchester’s Deer Season XP line of Ammunition is some of the best 450 Bushmasters for deer hunting. 

Guns that Shoot 450 Bushmaster

The nice thing about the 450 Bushmaster is that it’s built to go onto any mil-spec AR-15 lower and doesn’t require an AR-10 configuration to build out a 450 Bush.


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The 450 Bushmaster is an excellent cartridge for hunters, medium-sized game, and home defense. We have 450 bushmaster ammo for sale and ready to ship.

450 bushmaster

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450 Bushmaster Ammo

450 Bushmaster