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The 5.56 Ammo For Sale is an excellent ammo that provides shooters with perfect accuracy, speed, and deep penetration on target. If you have been searching for a cartridge with the fore mention properties, this load is your man for the job. This article will give you detailed information about all you need to know about this 5.56 Ammo and which load will fill your needs. No brags, but we are one of the leading wholesale and retail ammunition online stores with competitive prices. Place your order with us today and benefit from free shipping.


This is a US-designed load with a rimless tapered, bottleneck shape created from the .223 Remington cartridge. This round is one of the legendary cartridges still in use by the military, thanks to its high impact power on obstacles. The 5.56 Nato Ammo load is suitable for rapid-fire rifles and has a standard bullet weight gain of 62.


The 5.56 bulk ammo was designed in late 1970 by FN Herstal as a bottlenecked intermediate round. The round was created to give the US military ammunition with high velocity and fast firing speed that could fit in a small caliber firearm. This is to say. The US army needed automatic fast-fire ammunition. As per CONARC- The U.S Continental Army Command the new round needed to meet certain specifications, which;

  1. Penetrate a .135 inches steel plate at 500 yards
  2. Have significant ballistic coefficient and accuracy at 500 yards, equivalent to a 30-06 Springfield
  3. The bullet should have to exceed supersonic speed above 1080 ft/s at 500 yards
  4. Penetrate an army-issued steel helmet at 500 yards
  5. The load should have a penetration capacity comparable to the M1 carbine

The 5.56 cartridge was officially accepted by the US Army to be used in M16 (AR-15) platform with the 55 grains as the original bullet weight for this load. The standard grain load is 62 grains, with a steel penetrator mounted on a lead base. The extra bullet weight in this cartridge increases loading efficiency thanks to the extra velocity and penetration of the ammunition. This ammo has grown in popularity over the years due to its extremely low recoil and bolt thrust. While primarily designed for the military and law enforcement, this load has also found favor with civilian shooters.


This cartridge is excellent for military and civilian use. Some of the 5.56 ammunition used for military and civilian purposes are:


  1. M855 is a little heavier with a weight of 62 gr, a velocity of 3,100 ft/s, and a more substantial sustained velocity
  2. MK262 Open Tip Match bullet is also a 5.56 bullet with 62 gr weight, great for precision marksmanship
  3. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ); this load weighs 55 gr with a muzzle velocity of 3,200 ft/s
  4. MK318 has a barrier-blind bullet weight of 62 gr


  1. Hallow Point Boat Tailed (HPBT) is well-reputed for its rapid expansion and is ideal for long-range big-game hunting. This bullet has a hollow point in the center of the load and a boat-like shape at the back of the round.
  2. Open tip match (OTM) is great ammo for competition shooters, thanks to its excellent accuracy.
  3. Full Metal jacket-boat tail (FMJ-BT) round maintains a stable flight of the bullet and allows better accuracy to hit on target. This round resembles a boat because the load is jacketed and tapered at the rear.
  4. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) this round allows the bullet to keep its form until impact is made on the target. It has a tremendous and profound penetration property on an obstacle.
  5. Frangible round reduces over-penetration but increases a wound’s internal damage and size. This round doesn’t expand but instead breaks into several small pieces.


  1. Semi-automatic rifles
  2. Armalite-15 (AR-15)
  3. Colt
  4. Bushmaster
  5. Pump action firearms

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  1. Case capacity; 1.85cm3Case length; 44.70 mm
  2. Case type; Rimless tapered, bottleneck
  3. Parent case; .223 Remington (M193)
  4. Overall length; 57.40mm
  5. Bullet diameter; 5.70mm
  6. Base diameter; 9.58mm
  7. Land diameter; 5.56mm
  8. Neck diameter; 6.43mm
  9. Shoulder diameter; 9.00mm
  10. Rim thickness; 1.14mm
  11. Rim diameter; 9.60mm
  12. Primer type; small rifle
  13. Rifling twist; 178 mm or 229mm
  14. Max pressure (SCATP 5.56); 55,114psi
  15. Max pressure (EPVAT); 62,366psi


This grain bullet weighs between 55 gr to 63 gr, with the standard bullet weight being 62 gr.

  1. The 63 gr 90 FMJBT bullet has a velocity of 851m/s (2,790 ft/s) with an energy of 1,238 ft-lbf
  2. The 63 gr DM11 FMJBT bullet has a velocity of 856m/s (2,810 ft/s) with energy 1,325 ft-lbf
  3. The 62 gr M855A1 FMJBT bullet has a velocity of 961m/s (3,150 ft/s) with energy 1,371ft-lbf
  4. The 62 gr FMJBT bullet has a velocity of 948m/s (3,110 ft/s) with an energy of 1,325 ft-lbf
  5. The 55 gr XM193 FMJBT bullet has a velocity of 993m/s (3,260ft/s) with energy 1,294lbs-lbf


The 5.56 ammunition with a bullet weight of 62 grains ideally penetrates 38-51 cm of soft tissue. Impact velocities above 762 m/s can cause it to rise and shatter in the projectile’s cannelure. This break (fragmentation) of the round adds internal damage to the target. Fragmentation causes increased damage to human tissue beyond what rotational speed and dimensions would suggest.

The cartridge can also penetrate up to 3mm steel at 600 yards and up to 12mm RHA at 100 yards. Hit the target with this ammo and experience another level of speed.


  1. Hunting
  2. Home Defense
  3. Sporting/Marksmanship
  4. Small game, whitetail deer, and predators hunting

ADVANTAGES OF Bulk 5.56 ammo

  1. Accuracy; For gun owners who know exactly what they are aiming for, this load delivers excellent results.
  2. Versatile; the availability of different grit and types of 5.56 nato ammo makes it suitable for various situations.
  3. Weight and Size; this cartridge is lightweight and small in size, so it takes up little space and is easy to carry and store.
  4. Affordable; this cartridge is relatively inexpensive. Because of its popularity and love among many shooters and the military, several ammunition manufacturers are involved in its production, creating competition in the market and driving down prices.


The Bulk 5.56 ammo is an excellent cartridge for military and civilian use due to its fast, light bullet, small case, easy follow-up shot, and deep penetration properties, making it excellent for use in various situations. Try this load. You won’t regret it. We have some fantastic deals for this festive season. Buy from our store today and enjoy surprises. Browse our catalog to see the manufacturers we work with for all our products. Order now!