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Many rounds have been released over the years, which are great for long-distance shooting and deep penetration.

However, the 30-30 Ammo round has maintained a significant market share because, despite possessing the fore mentioned properties, one of its uniqueness is that it is excellent and practical for forest hunting circumstances as opposed to other rounds.

If you need a cartridge for target shooting or your big game in a forest setting, this round is right here. Buy from our shop and enjoy a secure and easy purchase.


Also known as the thirty-thirty, this round was created in 1895 by Winchester and was USA’s first small-bore sporting rifle load specially designed for smokeless powder. The added -30 on this cartridge represents the standard load of 30 grains. This cartridge is the most frequently shot load from the lever action rifles. When they first created the 30-30 Ammo load.

.30-30 AMMO 500 ROUNDS

It was not commonly used for extreme long-range shooting across wide-open spaces, but as time passed, the latest developers in ballistic tipped rounds have improved the long-range capabilities of the thirty-thirty a little closer to high-velocity cartridges. The hunting advantage of this round is that it leaves less bloodstain or destruction after taking down a target, thereby reducing waste. The thirty-thirty cartridge has made history in killing whitetail deer in North America as opposed to any other existing load.


  1. Case type; bottleneck
  2. Parent case; 38-55 Ammo
  3. Neck diameter; 0.330 in (8.4mm)
  4. Bullet diameter; 0.308in ( 7.8mm)
  5. Shoulder diameter; 0.401 in (10.2 mm)
  6. Rim diameter; 0.506 in (12.9mm)
  7. Base diameter;.422 in (10.7mm)
  8. Rim thickness; 0.63 in (1.6mm)
  9. Case length; 2.039 in (51.8mm)
  10. Overall length; 2.550 in (64.8mm)
  11. Max pressure; 42,000 psi
  12. Primer type; Large rifle


Note that the actual ballistics of this cartridge depends on the firearm used. The ballistics information provided below is based on information shared by manufacturers. The bullet grain for this cartridge varies from 50 gr to 170 gr, with a velocity ranging from 2,684 ft/s to 2,227ft/s with energy 1.760 ft-lbf to 1,873 ft-lbf. For a better understanding, here is how the different bullet grains perform.

  1. For the 110 gr bullet, it covers 2,684 ft/s with energy of 1,760 ft-lbf;
  2. 130 gr covers 2,496 ft/s with energy of 1,799 ft-lbf;
  3. 150 gr covers 2,390 ft/s with energy of 1,903 ft-lbf;
  4. 160 gr covers 2,330 ft/s with energy of 1,929 ft-lbf;
  5. 170 gr covers 2,227 ft/s with energy of 1,873 ft-Ibf.


  1. High-impact on target
  2. This cartridge is readily available and common to find.
  3. The low recoil of this round
  4. Great sectional density; thanks to its heavy nature, this round can penetrate deep into targets.


  1. For big game hunting; the bulk 30-30 Ammo is an excellent cartridge for big game like mule deer, whitetail, black bear, caribou, elk, and pronghorn.
  2. Forest hunting/shooting; this load has proven to be one of the best cartridges in forest hunting and is suitable for taking down predators in a forest
  3. Self-defense. 


We greatly advise you to add this round to your collection of loads as it is the perfect ammunition for medium to large game hunting at long range with reduced waste. Buy from our shop today and enjoy reliable and fast delivery.