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243 Winchester Ammo For Sale And Ready To ship


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.243 Winchester Ammo

The .243 Winchester Ammo (6×52mm) is a popular sporting rifle cartridge.  has regularly made the top five of rankings for “Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Cartridges”  is the second-most popular of all hunting rifle chamberings (after the long action .30-06).Like other improved cartridges, this created a steeper shoulder and blew the sides out, giving about 10% more powder capacity, and some small improvement in velocity.


Our favorites for the 243 Winchester Ammunition are as follows:

Varmints – Hornady 58gr & 75gr V-Max, Nosler 70gr Ballistic Tip, Sierra 70gr BlitzKing

Deer Size Game – Nosler 100gr Partition, Nolser 90gr & 95gr Ballistic Tip, Barnes 80 Tipped TSX, Berger 87gr VLD Hunting & 95gr Classic Hunter

Muzzle Velocities

  • 62gr bullets – 3650 FPS
  • 69gr & 70gr bullets – 3400 FPS
  • 75gr bullets 3400 – FPS
  • 80gr bullets 3300 -FPS
  • 85gr bullets 3100 -FPS
  • 90gr bullets 3050 – FPS
  • 95gr bullets 3000 – FPS
  • 100gr bullets 3000 – FPS


Caliber: .243 Winchester
Number of Rounds: 20
Bullet Type: Bonded Rapid Expansion Protected Hollow Point (BREPHP)
Bullet Weight: 100 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Package Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire


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