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223 Remington For Sale And Ready To Ship

Do you want to purchase the 223 Remington ammunition? Look no further for, the best quality available in stock, as we stock directly from the manufacturers of ammo to ease the reach of bulk ammunition online at the best prices you can find anywhere with next-day fast shipping and communication on all orders.

 .223 Remington History

The .223 Remington, Was designed by SAAMI and 223 Rem by CIP, is a rimless ammunition developed in 1957 by Remington Arms and Fairchild Industries considered one of the most popular common-use cartridges and is currently used by a wide range of semi-automatic and manual-action rifles as well as handguns.

Standard .223 ammunition features a .224-inch diameter boat-tailed bullet in a rimless bottleneck case that measures 1.76 inches. The overall size of the cartridge reaches 2.26 inches, While Standard factory loads of .223 Remington ammo range in weight from 35 to 85 grain (gr).

This popular cartridge uses a small rifle primer and has a maximum pressure of 55,000 pounds per square inch (psi). The rifling twist for traditional bolt action .233 rifles is 1:12 inch, while military-style AR-15 semi-automatics are found with a twist between 1:7 and 1:10 inch. This tighter rifling stabilizes the projectile and improves its accuracy.

Is There a Difference Between 223 Remington And 5.56 Nato

 One of the significant differences is that the 5.56 NATO has a higher pressure than the 223 round, where the 5.56 NATO pressure is about 58,000 psi while the 223 round is approximately 55,000 psi. The other difference is that 5.56 NATO has a .125″ more extended throat. This allows for an additional grain of powder to be loaded in the cartridge and gives the 5.56 NATO the expected performance.


Why Shop .223 Ammo From Us?

The .223 has become one of the most purchased cartridges in the U.S., so firearms manufacturers regularly expand and refine the products they have chambered for this round.

Depending on the shooter’s specific needs, The .223 ammo can be found in various types by almost all ammunition manufacturers. Federal .223 ammo is a favourite among many shooters, and some claim it’s the best in AR-15-style weapons. To shop 223 ammo in bulk, check out our bulk 223 ammo page.

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