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New Jersey’s Premier Gun Store

The Gun Store is perhaps the biggest gun stores in the territory of Connecticut. Situated in the metal capital – Waterbury, CT

The Gun Store offers all that guns related — from guns and ammo, to extras, targets, gunsmithing administrations and examinations. Our well disposed and learned staff is here to help and furnish you with the best item to address your issues. Our staff is extremely low pressing factor and will ensure you don’t have anything shy of a positive purchasing experience.

Incredibly Low Prices

The Gun Store opened in 2016 with a focus on helping those in our community protect their family and their home while maintaining very competitive pricing.

We consistently have the lowest prices, as well as one of the largest handgun inventories in the northeast. If you are looking to receive State Certified License to Carry or safety training, and you wish to be trained by the best, then schedule a class with The Gun Store today.

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This is great i am happy i got to you guys early i will be re stocking from you and i will have to share your profile to a couple of friends

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Mr Douglass Neve

After a very long time without haven used a bullet i descided to come over with my son so we could get a few ammunition for the coming season

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Mr Thomas

This store is amazing i was able to get my shelf stocked up ready or the hunting season. Thier prices are so great and the have  qualty producrs

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Mr Robinson

I have always wished my opinion should be counted on my purchases this is a legitimate website and sell great ammunition i recommend this website to yall

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Mr Masone Grobe

I am very happy i was given a chance to review this business . I did online research on where i can get a couple of rounds in Louisiana and when i found them i thought it where a scam till i came to the store . This is approved

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Mr Mark Staplins

I was refered to thier website by a friend who lives here in TX they sounded sketchy at first so i had to come over but they proved me wrong and i got my ammunition

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